Thoughts on the Power Rangers reboot movie

It was announced a short time ago that the new Power Rangers movie will have some sort of tie-in to the original series. I don’t see how this is possible unless they break continuity like the Star Trek reboot.

Zordon sacrificed himself to wipeout all evil in the galaxy. Therefore Rita and Zedd were converted to humans. Their son, Thrax was later destroyed, so he’s out of the picture as well. The Power Coins were rendered mostly worthless when the Command Center was destroyed and the link to the Morphing Grid was severed. These Coins have since been used occasionally when needed at great risk to the user. But honestly, why would you stick with the coins when there are more powerful options out there? (Looking at you Super Mega Mode.)

So to bring this full circle, the only logical explanation is to have the children of the Rangers become the new team. This brings up another question though. Which set of Rangers do you use? The original team of Jason, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly or the replacements- Rocky, Adam, Aisha, and Kat? As far as powers go, it’s possible Ninjor created a second set of Power Coins identical to the first set in almost all regards. This new second set would be even more powerful then the original Coins. The reason the original Rangers didn’t get these Coins is because the threat level wasn’t great enough. Rangers are never given more power then they need. Ninjor knew this, that’s why the original team started out with the Dino Coins instead of the more powerful Ninja Coins.

Of course in all likelihood, the tie-in will be Tommy because, well, he’s Tommy.


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