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I’m doing great faceless Internet question asker. I tend to not answer personal questions that are asked by an anonymous person. If you want answers to personal questions, please submit questions through an actual profile. I leave the anonymous option open because sometimes I just get some funny stuff that otherwise would have not been posted.


The White House announced today that the part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act requiring businesses to provide contraceptives to employees is “lawful and essential to women’s health.”

This is unnecessary. Instead of forcing businesses to provide contraceptives, the government should force businesses to tell their employees something:

Keep it in your pants!

The Most Irritating Thing

People refusing to learn.

This is irritating beyond no measure. I’m not talking about people not being able to learn new things; I’m talking about people who refuse to learn new things. You may never master a new skill or even totally get the hang of something, but at least try.

Some people go through life just coasting by on what they know and not adapting to the times. In this day and age you should at least know the simplest things about computers. My grandpa is 90+ years old. He recently received a new computer with Linux on it. His eyesight is failing him and he can barely see the screen. Does he give up? No. He calls and asks for help. This is a man who has never given up learning.

I’ll admit that there are many things I do not know. Foreign languages. Residential wiring. Soccer. Religion. Playing the guitar. Interior design. Fashion. The list goes on and on. Am I ever going to be satisfied not knowing these things? No. Will I ever truly understand these topics? Probably not. But I will never stop attempting to learn them.

I recently graduated from college. Not with one degree though. Not even two. I left with three degrees. And with 157 hours. This was at a community college, where only 60 hours are required to graduate. I will go back to college and get a bachelor’s degree in a few years. Why? Not because I need it, but because I want to.

Knowledge is the greatest gift God has given us. Once you have given up your quest for knowledge, you might as well die. Yes, you will probably fail a bunch of times before succeeding. Even if you fail 99 times though, that one success will make it worth it.

Here’s my challenge to you. Are you going to be one of those people who give up learning? Someone who just coasts through life? Or are you going to make yourself better? We have the power to make this world a better place. To elevate the entire human race.

Are you going to give in to mediocrity or make a difference to the world?

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